Disney World: What I would do Differently.

Growing up as a Floridian I have been very fortunate to have visited Disney World almost every year or every other year up until age 25. Every trip I had ever gone to as a child up to my teenage years was preplanned by my parents or my school. When I visited Disney as a young adult, I would just show up and let the Disney magic guide me.

So decided I would do the same for my first trip with my kiddos. Ladies and gentlemen please do not make the same mistake as I did. Mid way through my time at Disney I realize winging it at Disney Work does not work with little kids. Although our trip was memorable, it could have been a lot more enjoyable had I preplanned.

Here are four thing I would do differently if I were to do Disney World again with three under three.

1. Join Disney Fan-page groups on FB.

There are many dedicated Disney fan page groups on facebook that has all the information one could ever need. They are also very helpful when I comes to answering questions you may have. Although I was part of these group I didn’t do proper reacher to help me with my day at Disney. One of the very help information leads me to my next bullet point.

2. Pre-purchase your tickets.

We decided that we would pick up our tickets the day of our trip. We woke up early but not early enough. When we got to Disney, World the lines to pick up our tickets were long and slow. It took us 3 hours from parking lot, to ticket booth, to getting into the park. My children and husband were over it before we even got into the park.

3. I would go during cooler months.

This is a personal preference. The day we visited the park it was in the end of May and the temperature was 101 degrees. My kids were hot and taking pictures outside was not enjoyable. We decided coming in a cooler month would have made our trip a little more bearable.

4. Do more character meet and greets.

Meeting Mickey and Minnie was literally the highlight of my children’s trip. To this day that is all they remember about Disney world. I wish we took the time schedule more meet and greet with the characters. My son saw Peter Pan from a distance and wanted to meet him but Peter Pan was just finishing his meet and greet so we missed the opportunity. We also saw Winnie The Pooh but he was being escorted from one place to other and wasn’t able to stop for picture.


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