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This post has been sponsored by Just for Me but the thought and opinions are all mine.

We love our little curly haired babies but getting their cute little curls to come out just right can be a bit of work. Luckily, we found a great product line – the new Just For Me® Curl Peace collection.

It is made specifically for children to leave their kinks, coils and curls tangle free, moisturized, and soft. Of course when we look for products for our curly haired kids we make sure there are natural ingredients. Luckily, their products are formulated with ingredients like shea butter, raw honey, and marshmallow root extract.

Our Daily Routine

We are still learning but here is how we get their curls on point:

  • The night before we wash and condition their hair with the Just For Me® Curl Peace ultimate detangling shampoo and conditioner. This leaves their hair feeling soft and ready for the morning style. Alissa goes to bed with protective styling.
  • In the morning we start with the easy to use Just For Me® Curl Peace 5-in-1 wonder spray. After some sprays and some combing their hair is ready to style.
Just For Me hair care great for boys
  • Then we use the Just For Me® Curl Peace defining curl & coil cream. It is real easy to lather it through their hair and style it (for Alexander) or comb it up (for Alissa).
Just For Me hair care great for girls

Our thoughts

How do we know it works? When we leave the house people of all ages want to run their fingers through our kids’ hair.

We all know getting your little ones to sit and let you do their hair is difficult. That’s why getting a great product like the Just For Me® Curl Peace collection will allow you to make the most of the short time when your child sits still. Of course when raising a family you are always on a budget so Just For Me® makes their products affordable and accessible at local stores like Walmart, Sally Beauty, Target, and Beauty Supply locations.


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