The Start of my Natural Hair Journey

It’s been over a month since I made the decision to rock my natural hair texture. I’m not going to lie, it was hard at first but now I’m in love! I never thought that would ever happen.

When I was very young my mother relaxed my hair to make sure my coils were hidden. I grew up hating my “nappy” hair and kept it tucked away in weaves and wigs or relaxed for the bone straight look. I was thought to hid my coils and make sure my edges were brushed and gel as straight as possible.

4c Natural Hair Journey

I never thought anything of it until my curious little ones started asking questions about my fake hair. My son asked me numerous times why my hair (wig) came off and his didn’t. Beside being super embarrassing, I realized that I was hiding my hair because I was not proud of it. I also realized I have never took the time to love and learn what my hair likes to make it grow.

How could I teach my daughter to love everything about herself including her God given curl patterns if I myself didn’t love mine?

So as August 2019 I am officially what we like to call “natural”. I will no longer relax my hair to be straight ever again. I can’t say I will no longer wear extensions or wig but I will no longer use it as a means to hid my nature hair.


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